Koi To Uso

Status: Ongoing

When it comes to your love life, do you want to be given your "soulmate" or meet them by fate?

Imagine a world where the government wants to involve themselves in your personal life rather than just making laws so society can live in safety and peace. Well I guess thinking of Psycho Pass is somewhat correct here, but let's say that in this world the government is more concerned with your love life than anything else. That's right: the government is now playing matchmaker.

Koi To Uso, or Love and Lies, has this exact government, which means that it's simply forbidden to fall in love with someone else. They believe science is the answer since natural love isn't working, causing a decline in birth rates, and so the government decided that by getting children to take psychological tests in school, the results will be used to determine potential spouses for everyone. Notices are then given to everyone once they turn sixteen, and it's then that the two potential 'lovers' meet and get to know one another and their future in-laws. And eventually fall in love I guess.

Now to introduce the main guy and girl.

Yukari Nejima is pretty much your average high school student who doesn't stick out much. As his sixteenth birthday is only a few days away, he vows with fellow classmates to never get married because the government can't decide on their future partners etc. Instead, he wants to be together with his crush Takasaki Misaki. Yet when he finally confesses his love for her, the clock turns midnight and he gets his government notice. At first he gets it via text and turns out it's Misaki after all, but it's too good to be true and instead two government officials turn up and give him his actual notice: he's to marry Sanada Lilina.

Now it's up to Nejima to decide on what to do with his future love life. But considering his character, I don't think he'll be thinking about that much as all he wants to do is please both girls in his life whilst trying to find a way of dealing with what's going on around him. As a result, there are quite a few cute romantic moments between him and each girl, with some heartbreaking moments since Misaki wants to be together with him but knows she can't because of the marriage rules, and since Lilina is new to being social (I won't say any more about this), she's unable to react properly to things that happen between her and Nejima. Plus she's given the reason to think about the consequences she may suffer if Nejima and Misaki get together.

Koi To Uso gives a new take on romance, and does make you wonder what it would be like if this happened in reality. There's no fighting for your love against your parents since they're pretty comfortable with your chosen other half as they've been through it all too, but you'll be fighting against the government and their laws regarding your future partner. Sounds like Psycho Pass again in my opinion, but this manga is worth checking out!
Guy meets girl who he falls in love with, and then another girl he's "destined" to marry all thanks to science. And he's not having it.

Anything else?: Both romances are quite cute in my opinion X3