Sakamoto desu ga?

Coolness needs some limits

Here we have a high school MC by the name of Sakamoto (haven't you heard of him? XP), who seems to be "Cool, Cooler, Coolest" in everything he does. Whether it's hiding from a mother who becomes obsessed with Sakamoto, making a fire drill an intense situation, or pulling off random acts to get through the school gate on time, Sakamoto is the guy to call to make them cool. And the one to help you get out of any situation. He is cool after all.

But, while there were some really good moments, others made me wonder what was going on. So like, Sakamoto, you can be cool, but try not to be in everything that you do. It just doesn't work for you.

So you're given an anime like no other, where the guy is awesome from day one and all the girls and majority of the guys love him, and then the bunch that try to show him up in some way but fail to do so and end up respecting him later on and/or asking him for help. That's basically what Sakamoto desu ga? is, and his character doesn't fail to bring about laughter, most of the time.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching this and got two of my cousins to watch different episodes with me, and there were mixed results when it came to Sakamoto's coolness. You have some moments that make you laugh or giggle like the "lend me your face" and the errand boy moments, but then you get moments like the "follow the white line" and the "how I met Sakamoto" moments that made think why and how are these supposed to be funny. I'm not saying everyone will enjoy/hate the same parts as I do, we're all entitled to our opinions after all. It just felt like the anime was trying too hard to make Sakamoto the coolest person ever. Which leads me on to my other opinion that, despite having some good moments, there weren't any that truly stood out. You know how we all have that one anime or episode or scene that we can just think about and we remember how amazing it was? Well, for me this doesn't have one. It probably contradicts what I just said about having some good moments, but they wouldn't make me laugh. The one that makes me laugh is the second episode of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, in particular the sandwich part of the episode. Absolute genius.

Because of other commitments and waiting for the anime to be completed, I left Sakamoto desu ga? for a while before coming back to it. I preferred this since when I came back to it, it felt like I enjoyed it more rather than just binge watching or watching on a weekly basis. Again I want to say that Sakamoto desu ga? has one of the best anime endings from all the ones I have seen; it was very unique, not cliche in any way, and one that you would not have been able to predict coming from a high school-based anime. It was perfect and it ended the series very well. I may just watch that episode again because it was that good.

So, pretty much a mixed review, but I really did enjoy Sakamoto desu ga? Just not as much as the people in the comments. I'd give it a 7/10 simply because there were more good moments than meh ones, and because Sera seems to be stripping more than Gray Fullbuster whenever you see him. I digress. I may watch it all over again later on, but for now I'll probably just watch some funny scenes on YouTube. And how he does the glasses thing in the episode with the Ouija board. Can't seem to figure it out.