Gintama: Body Switching Arc (Episodes 287 - 289)

You can blame Kagura, Shinpachi, Yamazaki and old man Gengai for this funny arc. Poor Gintoki is being chased by Kagura and Shinpachi since he hasn't paid them their salaries, and Yamazaki is being chased by Hijikata. The two collide and end up getting hit by a truck, but despite this they've gone away completely unharmed. And this is where the fun begins. At the hospital the doctors checking up on Gintoki and Hijikata laugh off the fact that they've gotten their medical records mixed up, and everything seems fine to them until they go to a restaurant and order their usuals; they've switched bodies!

The two now have to become accustomed to the other's life style and habits, which seems simple enough, but let's not forget that this is Gintama! Gintoki's slack attitude surprises the Shinsengumi as their daily routine falls to ruin after Gintoki/Hijikata (I'll refer to Hijikata as Hijikata/Gintoki) gives them a speech about following their own code etc. At Odd Jobs, Hijikata's disciplined attitude freaks everyone out as he gives Kagura and Shinpachi their long awaited salaries and even offers to pay the long awaited rent. And it doesn't stop there as this has affected both groups of people drastically.

So how does old man Gengai play a part in this arc? Well, as we're told, the truck that hit Hijikata and Gintoki was carrying his latest invention: the Fully Automatic Egg-on-Rice Maker. Yes you heard right, he's made an invention that uses the correct quantities to make the perfect bowl of egg on rice. But this time it used their egos and tried to make a perfect bowl with that, however Gintoki's was hit by Hijikata's, splitting it into two with one half ending up a dead cat's butthole. Could this get any crazier? Considering it's Gintama, we've already answered this question =P Tama is able to detect the change to Hijikata/Gintoki and tells them about the invention and suggests they use it to switch them back, but we all know when a suggestion arises, things definitely don't go smoothly.

The fruits of Gintoki and Hijikata's labour are not forgotten as the two groups intervene in their mission to return to their normal bodies, and when they try to sort it out things just get worse as everyone wants to abide by their new Code. Until the whole dead cat issue comes into action; it reminds me of Ultron. Anyway the cat is now the key to letting Hijikata and Gintoki return to their original bodies, but the real question lies in how they are to get the cat from a certain someone who's suddenly come into the story.

The Body Switching Arc has plenty of Hijikata and Gintoki time but just not how we normally see them; it affects everyone this time around! The crazy story behind how they got into the mess they're in shows Gintama has no limits when it comes to ideas, and its delivery is top notch, including where everyone just wants their proper leader back. Plenty of laughs as we get closer to the Shogun Assassination arc, so let's enjoy the craziness and fun!
More fun with Gintoki and Hijikata as their egos switch bodies, affecting those around them as they try to blend in as the other
Anything else?: That ending though o_o