Mob Psycho 100

Psychic One Punch Man


It's been a while my readers, but I am still around! Just been busy here and there, but I haven't forgotten about blogging. I would say this mini but unintended break was for the best, what with me being able to check out some new anime without feeling the need to rush in making reviews.

And what better way to come back than with Mob Psycho 100. It's made by the creator of One Punch Man, which I must say is such a good anime that I'm watching it again (expect a revisited review!). Mob Psycho has elements from One Punch Man, but it's in its own universe.

Set in Seasoning City, we follow Kageyama Shigeo, aka Mob, a quiet middle schooler who wants to be popular and get noticed by his crush. Thing is, Mob isn't that plain an MC despite his nature and appearance, as he has the ability to see spirits and can use telekinesis, as well as other abilities. Yes, he has psychic/esper powers, but he doesn't use them for the fun of it. Heeding the words of his mentor Arataka Reigen, Mob tries to suppress his powers and use them for good, and by good I mean helping Reigen out in his scam of a job and get underpaid for it. Basically, Reigen claims he is a "psychic", but much to the reactions of his clients, he somehow manages to get away with it. Poor Mob thinks Reigen is the real deal and admires him in how he is able to help people who think they're being haunted by spirits.

Aside from all the scams Mob is innocently working on with the clearly less innocent Reigen, there's a lot more to Mob Psycho 100, and Mob himself. Mob has a darker power within him which he's unable to control once it's triggered. It's not like he can trigger it whenever he likes though; Mob has what is known as a Psycho Level. The level increases depending on the kind of situation he's in, and once that reaches 100%, he basically becomes a Psycho and even more powerful an esper than he already is.

You can see why Mob wishes to lead a normal life and suppress his powers, bless him, but of course this wouldn't be Mob Psycho 100 if Mob is able to do just that. Crazy comedy, hairstyles and amazing fight scenes are some of the things we're treated to as Mob goes about his school life while encountering new characters ranging from complete weirdos to school bullies, not to mention other espers who've let their powers get to their heads, and trying to control his powers when things get serious. There are also some unexpected yet clever twists which just make the show even more epic, and plenty of character development too.

The sketch-like art style completes the package in my opinion, even though it did put me off at times, but overall, you're not human if you don't like Mob Psycho 100. It's a great show that has a good balance of comedy and seriousness and a variety of characters that make the show what it is, making for good replay value. If you haven't seen it but you have seen One Punch Man, then this is definitely for you. There are some One Punch Man Easter eggs scattered throughout, and they'll put a smile on your face when you find them.