Food Wars! The Second Plate

Even more mouthwatering than Season 1

Knowing me, I don't always watch a series on time depending on my schedule, level of laziness and if I'm holding it off until I get round to finishing off other anime. Or re-watch an anime. You get the idea.

So, imagine my regret mixed in with all the hype and excitement when I got round to Season 2 of Food Wars and realising that it's one of those where you should really watch it whilst episodes are being released before you go back and binge watch. Well it wasn't that bad, because the hype for The Second Plate (TSP) was real and big enough for me to not think about regret too much.

Food Wars is back and better than ever. If you thought, like all the Food Wars fans out there, that Season 1 was good, TSP blows it out of the frying pan like a million times over.

Soma and co return with not a hair (or knife) out of place as TSP continues just a short while after the ending of Shokugeki no Soma (SnS) with the start of the Autumn Elections. Our 8 finalists are confirmed, pairings have been determined and the Final 8 battle it out to get to the semi-finals before draining themselves of all the blood, sweat and tears their bodies can produce to reach the finals and be the winner of the Autumn Elections.

Sounds like a lot is going on, but hold on to your seats, for there's much more to come. TSP is full of twists and turns, from the Finalists' creativity in making their dishes, to the addition of a single new character (there are a few more but this one stands out), character development for each of the Final 8, and the outcome and aftermath of the Autumn Elections itself. There are also some links to the events in SnS which I liked, but the focus is more on the Autumn Elections and the events that take place afterwards.

No time is wasted either, as most of the 12 episodes have a much faster pace than those in SnS, before things quieten down a bit after the Autumn Elections. This really builds up the action during the matches and the suspense after each episode as you wonder who the victor is and what the next match-up is, which is why I said it's better to have seen TSP as the episodes were being released weekly before binge watching. Unless you're disciplined enough to watch an episode a day I guess? I commend those who are.

TSP is definitely a strong sequel season to SnS, taking the culinary world to a new level through its creativity and well thought out reactions which look to be a staple in the series (if any more seasons are released). The story is strong too, and just shows that a few additions can make for huge and welcoming changes. Like seriously, I mentioned that there's one new character in particular who adds so much to the plot with their backstory, motives and personality. You don't really get that in anime (depending on the series), but I was amazed at the impact they had in just a few episodes.

I do wish I watched this as episodes were being released, but TPS doesn't lose any of its wow factor if you binge watch it. Just that there's no waiting for a week involved. If you haven't yet seen it, seriously guys you're missing out on some amazing dishes and what not.