Final Fantasy XV - Brotherhood: Before the Storm (Episode 1)

Square Enix have really gone all out with Final Fantasy XV. At around 3am this morning, there was an Uncovering of FFXV, and wow did it amaze. And as you can see, one of the Uncoverings shows Noctis and Co in anime form in FFXV - Brotherhood, a 5 episode anime series. If they're going to stick with the same duration, then each episode will be around 12 minutes long.

Before the Storm is pretty much an intro as to how the game itself will start, but in a much condensed (and animated) form of course. Young Noctis is the first glimpse of his anime version that we see (not including the preview in the Uncovered show), and his encounter with a monster we're bound to meet again later on in the series. Fast forward and we're in the present with Noctis and Co travelling by car. And this is where we find out what's happening in the world of FFXV.

Turns out this drive the four of them are going on was a journey to Caem where Noctis is to marry Luna, who we know is his betrothed. But then things go sideways as we find out there's a war between Lucis and Niflheim which has been going on for a while, until Lucis lost. Noctis is part of the royal family of Lucis, and now he's a wanted man, hence why they're being chased on their journey. There's some great action scenes with the four of them fighting the Imperial Army so they can continue on with their journey before an old "friend" makes a comeback, but before the next battle starts, the episode comes to an end.

Before the Storm is a great first episode which sets the scene for what's to come later on in the remaining episodes, and what we can expect in much more detail when the game finally comes out (30 September!). You'll be reminded of the game throughout, including a first glimpse of Noctis' Warp-Strike, some locations which featured in Episode Duscae, and the end-of-day checkpoint/level up screen with the four friends eating around a fire and resting up for the night. It's a shame it's only 12 minutes long, but then I guess that it was kept that short so Square doesn't give away any more of the game than a basic storyline with some action. Still, there's episodes 2-5 to look forward to!
Noctis and Co are now in anime form in the first of a five episode series, a condensed intro to what's to come later on in the story both in game and anime
Anything else?: The Warp-Strike looks amazing even in anime form


  1. Can't wait for the videogame to come out. Haven't had the chance to see this anime yet.


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