Pokemon Generations: The Frozen World (Episode 14)

Ice ice baby

Wow, and I thought The Uprising was dark but epic. As promised, I watched The Frozen World shortly after I posted up the review for The Uprising, and it just amazed me at how things took an even darker turn.

The Frozen World is a continuation of The Uprising what with the battle between the Gym Leaders and Team Plasma, only this time the number of people and Pokemon have decreased, and the battle in this episode takes place in a more crowded area.

So you're watching an episode of Pokemon Generations (of course) but it's not your standard Pokemon Generations episode. Instead of being in open areas or in caves and what have you, we're in Opelucid City in the Unova Region with Batman-style action. No no there's no (Zu-/Gol-) Batman; it's a Pokemon meets Batman episode. You'll see what I mean.

Gym Leader Drayden takes the spotlight this time, and it's a good choice too. He's out trying to defend Opelucid City from Team Plasma, whose plan is to make a winter wonderland out of the City. Pretty original for a Pokemon Villain Team no? While he's busy doing that, Team Plasma have something up their sleeve; they have the Legendary Kyurem. I'll admit I was surprised seeing it in the episode, and to see the first Legendary Pokemon caught by the villain and having its power extracted by them to create their ideal world. Groudon, Kygore, Dialga and Palkia didn't go through anything compared to Kyurem; they were able to escape the clutches of Teams Magma, Aqua and Galactic respectively. What Kyurem is going through is animal abuse.

The abuse is pretty much what makes this episode the darkest (and coldest yet); by extracting Kyurem's power, Team Plasma becomes the first Team to have a successful plan. Okay you could argue Team Aqua did get their plan into action in The Cavern, but in the end it didn't go their way. But yeah, Drayden becomes the first Gym Leader to fail in defending himself, the City and those around them. Poor guy, he's quite badass too. The fallen Gym Leader looks like he could be out for revenge, but whether we'll see that happen is anyone's guess.

From that, you may be able to see what I meant by a Pokemon meets Batman episode, as Drayden was trying to defending a city that, when you watch the episode, it kind of reminded me of Gotham City, and Team Plasma was the Penguin. It may be a weak link, but it works for me!

So that's probably it for the Unova Region. They get the award of the coldest and darkest plot in the Pokemon Universe, and hats off to those who thought of it. It was absolutely brilliant, and I couldn't have asked for more minutes of it. The final scenes where you see Team Plasma being successful in their plan with a fallen Drayden was just amazing yet shocking, and I'm sure you'll agree with me there. This is the best Region so far, and if you haven't seen these episodes yet, what are you waiting for?!