Pokemon Generations (Episodes 9 & 10)

Epic space battle and a haunted chateau!

Yes! Rayquaza makes its debut in the Hoenn Region just as I hoped back in Episode 8! And in space!

Mini celebration aside, we get a final glimpse of the goings on in the Hoenn Region in Episode 9 before moving on to the Sinnoh Region in Episode 10, but no Pokemon from that Region show up for now. I guess the theme for that episode was chosen because Halloween is today (even though the episodes aired last Friday, but who cares eh?).

I'll start with Episode 9: The Scoop. Something in space involving a meteor was going to be on the news, but the reporter (forgotten her name) wasn't satisfied with the story they had, so she ventures off to get the details. Turns out that it wasn't an ordinary event, and I'm sure many of you would have noticed that the gold and green streak that charged into the meteor was Rayquaza, who is revealed a couple of minutes later. And that's not all. We see a new Pokemon, Deoxys, who is in the meteor and has an epic battle with Rayquaza. There is a bit more to this but I won't say anything cos I'll end up spoiling the entire episode (think I already have (sorry!)). But this is a good battle which is longer than all the other battles seen so far, and has some relevance to the plot. Overall a very good episode, but sadly there was no closure like the episode featuring the battle between Red and Blue. And omg that they're in Pokemon Sun and Moon! I wasn't planning on buying a 3DS and Pokemon, but with the new additions I'm seeing, I'm so close to buying one. And my preferred starter is the owl (forgotten its name) or Poplio now that Litten's final evolution is not something I want on my team.

But I digress.

Now onto Episode 10: The Old Chateau.

This is the start of the Sinnoh Region, and I like how it goes to something quite cute with the Chansey being all happy and bubbly, to really strange when Chansey and her Trainer go to the chateau. You would have guessed that it's home to ghost Pokemon, but my guess was wrong as to which ghost Pokemon was the one behind all the spooky encounters our MCs have. But it is a great episode and different to all the others given the concept for the episode, which I said may have been due to it being Halloween, or chosen because the Old Chateau was a looked over part in the games.

So two good episodes last week! I hope that Dialga and Palkia make an appearance in the next couple of episodes, but with only a few weeks to go and more Regions to get through before 23 December, it may or may not happen. We shall see.

What do you guys think of The Scoop and The Old Chateau? Good progress in the series or meh?

Until next time!