Pokemon Generations: The Challenger (Episode 3)

All about Blue

Episode 3 was quick to come out, for me that is since I watched Episodes 1 & 2 a few days ago.

From watching this, there really isn't a strong link between each episode, other than Red featuring in them, but then again that's only in Episodes 1 & 3. I say featuring, but in this episode it's more of a cameo appearance right at the end. It's all about Blue in this one.
Again this one is a short episode with it being just under 5 minutes. Moving on from Giovanni and Team Rocket, we see the Elite Four. Now I am not familiar with these Elite Four as I've only played Pokemon Diamond (let me know where these guys are from in the comments!), but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the action-packed but very short battles.

If you've seen Pokemon Origins, you'll know that Blue is on a journey to become the strongest Pokemon Trainer and defeats the Elite Four before Red. The Challenger is simply Blue's final stretch as he's the first after a long time to fight the Elite Four. The animation in each battle is great and things get intense in the very short scenes showing Blue against each member of the Elite Four. He wins with ease, and sits on his throne before Red makes an appearance.

So it's another action-packed but condensed episode with the story from Pokemon Origins. I enjoyed it, but if only we could see more of each battle. Like, they were mainly one-hit KO moments before Blue progressed to the next stage, and that was really it. Apart from the battle between Blastoise and Dragonite which we saw a few more seconds of (the shortest battle was Pigeot vs Machamp). All I ask is for a minute or two of more battles, since some Pokemon couldn't have won that easily! Sad times.

Hopefully the next episode will show the battle between Red and Blue, and here's more hope that the full episode will feature the entire battle. Leave out the less interesting match-ups, but do save a minute or so for the battle between Charizard and Blastoise! (No spoilers were intended in the making of that sentence). I can't wait to see how that is delivered or if the episode will be something totally different, but it would be a great shame if that battle was missed out.