Final Fantasy XV - Brotherhood: Dogged Runner (Episode 2)

You gotta love Prompto
Square Enix announced like a couple of weeks ago that the next episode of FFXV - Brotherhood would be released during E3, which turned out to be today! Good times.
We return to see the group travelling to Caem the day after the events of Episode 1 with Prompto driving (I bet Ignis regrets letting him drive) and who seems to have the best eyesight out of the four of them, whilst Noctis catches some royal shuteye. I guess this is what he does when he's not fighting or being a picky eater.

Anyway, this time the episode takes a break from all the action going on with the Empire, instead taking us back to the past before Noctis and Co became the best of friends, featuring our beloved Prompto! Yes guys Prompto takes the spotlight this time around, and it's not a bad decision either. Young Prompto is in elementary school, and is sort of unrecognisable if you don't put 2 and 2 together straight away. He's also not the bubbly type we see at the beginning, but we get the treat of seeing him become the Prompto we all know and love. We also get to see a young Noctis, and turns out he doesn't go to a private school like all royals. Bless him. And, he seems to have a jolly side which we don't see very often.
It's nice to see how Prompto had a link to Noctis before the events of FFXV, with a real-life element to it which you'll get when you've seen the episode. And it goes to show that you sometimes all you need is a little support from someone to create strong bonds between people. 
Dogged Runner is an enjoyable episode and is worth the wait since Before the Storm. At first the title of the episode is a bit confusing, but as you progress through the episode it ties in well with the story. You don't always need action for an anime to be good, and hopefully the FFXV story in the game will be just as strong as the story in the anime so far, if not better. This may also hint at the possibility of seeing how Ignis and Gladiolus met Noctis in their early years, which will be nice to see before the series returns to the action. Roll on the next episode!
Noctis takes a step back and lets Prompto take the spotlight which lets us see how the two came to be good friends
Anything else?: The dog he saves is quite cute