Death Note Live-Action Sequel Announcement

So, a new Death Note Live-Action sequel was announced earlier this week, and just when you wonder how the story will progress without main character Yagami Light, something interesting makes it happen. And here is how:

For those of you who read the manga (not me), you'll know of the rule that only six Death Notes can exist in the human world at one time, meaning six Shinigami can live in the human world. This wasn't used in the original story, so it's an opportunity to bring something new to the famous Death Note name.

How will this tie in with the new story? Well, it is set in the Present Day 2016, where society is being held victim to cyber terrorism. Not much difference to what's happening nowadays really. Anyway, the new characters who will replace Light and L are their successors. We all know Live-Action Light was previously played by Tatsuya Fujiwara, who also played the main character in Battle Royale (it's an awesome movie), and L was played by Ken-ichi Matsuyama. They were also played by different actors in the Live-Action Drama, which is a different take on the original story and is really good when you see how the changes in character natures etc play out in the story. But in this sequel, L's successor Ryuzaki will be played by Sosuke Ikematsu who also starred in The Last Samurai and MOZU (only seen the former). New characters featuring in the sequel are Tsukuru Mishima and Yugi Shion, played by Masahiro Higashide and Masaki Suda respectively. Their respective roles are that of an investigator and a cyber terrorist who is in awe of Kira.

For now, it doesn't seem like there's any sign of Ryuk making a return. Not sure about Misa either. I haven't read the manga so I don't know of their fates after the anime, but feel free to let me know what happens to them =)

This looks like an interesting future for Death Note, so let's hope it will live up to the name we all know and love.

Source: Anime News Network