One Punch Man

More hero anime in the form of One Punch Man, main character Saitama is a hero for the fun of it. He trained hard for three years after saving a child from certain death, and became so powerful that he can defeat opponents with a single punch. He clearly does not look like your standard hero: he's bald, skinny, and has a lifeless expression most of the time (think Gintoki's dead fish eyes expression). But this expression changes when he's in a battle worth fighting for - he then reminds me of a make-up free version of Ikkaku from Bleach.

For a hero, there will obviously be enemies. But these enemies aren't exactly people dressed up in masks and capes - they seem to be manifestations of something they have done or are the result of what others have done. For example, near the beginning of the first episode, one is in the form of pollution whilst another changes form due to eating too much crab. They're not serious enemies; the reasons why they decide to use their newly found powers are funny. Saitama doesn't get all serious when fighting the majority of them, adding to the comedy.

Despite it just being a hobby, Saitama eventually becomes an official hero by signing up at the Hero Association, yet he starts off as a Class C hero to his disappointment. Add this to the fact that he gets his own disciple, a cyborg called Genos, who is well-known by others and starts off as a Class S hero because the Association had given him all the credit for the deeds Saitama actually did. Poor Saitama isn't aware of this either, so even though he defeats the enemies, Genos gets all the glory.

One Punch Man is on the same level as Gintama in both action and comedy, and does not hold back on the gore during battles. It does have its serious moments, but this is just to allow the storyline to progress and for Saitama to show off his skills more to the viewers than to the citizens he's saving. The poor guy is unknown to everyone, but this doesn't mean the show should hold back on showing us more of Saitama and Genos!

After saving a child from danger, a man decides to become a hero as a hobby, only for it to become more of a full-time job with a cyborg sidekick to boot
Anything else?: It's just pure comedy!