Diabolik Lovers

Think of a vampire romance, but with added mystery and a family of vampires. Not Twilight (never Twilight), because the girl is much different in this. Add a hint of Vampire Knight, and you sort of have Diabolik Lovers. By sort of I mean that's not the entire description of the anime, which you'll come to understand as you read on and probably check out the anime.

In this we have main girl Yui Komora who shows up to a mysterious mansion not knowing exactly why she's there, after moving house due to her father's work. And neither do the people that live there know why she has suddenly arrived. Her first encounter with someone there is Ayato, who we later find out is a vampire (as are the others there, not sure about the servant though) and is brother number three out of the six Sakamaki brothers. The other brothers meet Yui too and a few are quite interested in her due to her scent and the fact that a mortal has appeared unexpectedly in their home.
Each brother has a distinct personality: one is very laid back/quiet but spoiled; one is the strict type; one is the bad boy type; one is the "supposedly cutest but creepy looking" type; one is the flirty but evil type; and the final one is the hot headed, "I hate everything" type. So you can see that Yui has her work cut out for her since all but two of the brothers want her blood whenever they can and the others just drink it when they encounter her, and considering the fact that Ayato is the bad boy brother who has decided to take her "first time of everything" (reminds me of the guy from Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu). What's more, the fact that she's trying to find out more about her father and his whereabouts is something you'd want to know more about, as well as the fact that a few of the brothers seem to know something about Yui after drinking some of her blood. But because it's unclear as to what these things are, it does make you a tad angry since the story just continues without giving away anything.

Also, if you're wondering where the Vampire Knight aspect comes into Daibolik Lovers, the school which the Sakamaki brothers and Yui attend is a Night School. And that's all there is to it - the rest of Diabolik Lovers is original. Adding to this is the fact that each episode is just under 15 minutes long, but if you were unsure as to what to expect after seeing the first episode, you may find yourself sitting there watching the other episodes as Yui has different encounters with each of the brothers.

Diabolik Lovers is a vampire anime that you wouldn't know what to expect when you first come to know about it, but you'll come to want to watch it more to see what happens to Yui as she tries to live with six vampire brothers whilst trying to find out more about her father. Not one which you'll come to know of via mainstream anime, it is one I do recommend for its mystery.


A girl finds herself in a house of vampires after moving house due to her father's work.
Anything else?: It's a wonder how Yui isn't anemic considering the amount of times her blood is sucked, or even dead for that matter =/