Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Part of the anime series Full Metal Panic!, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu is the one to go for if you want pure comedy. This is set between the first season of FMP and The Second Raid, but Fumoffu is more of a spin-off than it is a direct sequel.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu continues with main characters Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. For those of you who haven't seen Full Metal Panic? and/or The Second Raid (like me), Sousuke is not your average teenager. He's been brought up in a war infested area, resulting in him taking a militaristic approach to everything rather than reacting how a normal teenager would/should. Because of his personality, you can expect so many golden moments in this comedy spin-off, including plenty of explosions and trouble wherever he goes. Then there's Chidori, a high school student who studied in the US before coming to Japan. Again, she's not your timid high school girl, but rather a loud mouth "say it how it is" type of girl. Her personality causes her to get annoyed at 99% of everything Sousuke does (he hardly reacts to this), but she does have a soft spot for him and tries to help him when he's trying to fit in at high school (he fails at this).

So how do these characters fit in with the comedy? Well, because of Sousuke being in the army (and if you haven't seen any other Full Metal Panic!), Sousuke must protect the highly valuable target that is Chidori, and must do so by attending Jundai High School. He's unable to fit in due to his military upbringing, and ends up causing more destruction in and around the school than he is protecting Chidori, hence all the explosions and trouble you will come to expect whenever Sousuke is around. And to make things more funny, when Chidori gets into trouble, Sousuke disguises himself as Bonti-kun, the adorable mascot you see in the image.

With only 12 episodes, Fumoffu is pure gold in terms of comedy, rivalling long-running series Gintama in my opinion as it focuses on straight-up comedy in both story and characters. Since it's a spin-off to the anime series, expect returning characters. It doesn't matter whether or not you have seen the anime series as Fumoffu truly is in a world of its own.

A teenager brought up in the military tries to fit in with average teenagers whilst protecting his target Kaname Chidori
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