Attack on Titan Live-Action Movie Announcement (Part 2)

If you've seen the Attack on Titan live-action movie, you'll know that there will be a second part called Attack on Titan: End of the World. It's a continuation from part 1, which ended when Eren transformed into a titan and started attacking the other titans before collapsing and being cut out from the nape. Apparently, critics have been given advanced showings of the movie due to release later on this month according to Forbes, but Funimation has provided release dates in selected theatres in October; their reviews don't show any promise that this one will be any better than the first movie. Also, the trailer for part 2 spoils a major plot point, as stated by Tech Times. You can find the trailer for part 2 on their site.

As I said for the first movie, those who haven't seen the anime will most likely enjoy the second part more than those who have seen the anime beforehand. The story is not delivered as well as the anime though (I've done a comparison of the movie with the anime), and neither is the action. But to be honest, there were only a few moments when the action was decent, such as when Eren was fighting the other titans, and when (not part of the actual story) a girl who lost her boyfriend went crazy and decided to commit suicide by driving into a couple of titans with the explosives intended to seal the hole in the outer wall. Also, though Mikasa is the best titan killer out there (which is shown about twice), her backstory is totally irrelevant now that the entire cast is Japanese.

Given all this news for part 2 of the Attack on Titan live-action film adaptation, I'm not expecting much from the next movie. In my opinion, and I'm sure most (if not all) will agree, stick to the anime. If you enjoy that, then read the manga which is currently ongoing.