Poyopoyo is an anime which I class as a hidden gem because, it's one of those titles which you'll never be aware of unless someone recommends it to you or you have one of those days where you decide to look at the entire anime list on the site and become curious of the anime due to its title. The latter is what I did and I can say, I don't regret it. I did this with another anime called Ixion Saga DT (which I'd also recommend ^-^), but this is about Poyopoyo.

Poyopoyo has a vague story-line about a family who takes a very round and adorable cat (which they name Poyo) into their home, and how Poyo changes their lives and those around them.
Like Lucky Star, this gives room for endless possibilities as to what can happen during each episode. But the amount that each episode can have is limited in terms of time, as each episode is just under 3 minutes long (including the intro/opening song). Fortunately, the anime successfully pulls this off, giving you 52 episodes worth of bite-sized fun and cuteness that is Poyopoyo.

The other good thing is that Poyo also has a personality as well as his roundness which adds to the entertainment and shows that even pets can be fun to watch in the world of anime. It gives you some fresh air from all the monsters, titans and flying cats that you see in most of the mainstream titles (not that I'm complaining - they are great to watch) by taking you to a more realistic side in anime.


A family takes a round cat into their home, changing their lives and those around them
Anything else: Prepare for a lot of roundness