Anime Merchandise: Where to buy

I'll take a break from all the anime and manga posts to tell you guys about where you can buy anime merchandise. You may have about some of these already, but here is a list of sites which I have bought merchandise from or browsed for merchandise to help you fuel the anime fan in you. I've provided links via the name of each site for easy access to it.

Tokyo Otaku Mode

This is USA based which ships products from Japan which provides worldwide shipping. As well as figures and plushies, it sells clothing and home accessories.


A purely internet-based anime store, Amiami has a wide range of anime merchandise, with some gaming merchandise too. Whilst the products sell for a reasonable price, the shipping cost depends on the weight of the product(s). They do give a selection of shipping methods depending on the weight of the product(s) with insurance should anything happen to them, but you may be paying more than expected by the time you confirm your order.

Strapya World 

This mainly sells phone accessories, but I have found anime merchandise when taking the time to look around the site. From Sailor Moon and One Piece to Pokemon and Mobile Suit Gundam, you can find a range of phone accessories such as cases (for newer phones only), to earphones/headphones and much more.

Image Anime

A store in New York which sells models, toys, keychains, DVDs etc. Also sells Batman, Marvel and gaming merchandise.

Forbidden Planet

This company has stores around the UK and USA, and sells anime merchandise and manga as well as Marvel and DC Universe merchandise etc.

Tokyo Toys

For those of you who are in the UK such as myself, this is the place to go, provided you live in or are going to visit London. Tokyo Toys has recently opened a new store in Birmingham too. They sell many things, such as keychains, posters, manga and plushies etc. But you do have to be aware of the bootleg items they sell too. The hint is in the packaging.