Fruits Basket

One of my all-time favourites, Fruits Basket is based on the life of high school student Tohru Honda who lives alone in a tent after her mother died in a car accident, and her encounter with members of the Sohma family both in and out of high school. After meeting three members of the family (Yuki Sohma, Shigure Sohma and Kyo Sohma), Tohru accepts an invitation to stay in their house (in return she helps in keeping the place clean) and discovers a dark secret – the family is cursed. The curse is no ordinary one either, because if a member of the Sohma family touches a person of the opposite sex (outside of the family), he/she transforms into an animal, an animal of the Chinese Zodiac to be exact.

Each member of the Sohma family has an interesting backstory, and as Tohru meets different members of the Zodiac as the story progresses, things get much more interesting and humour comes into play at the same time.

Sadly the anime ends after 26 episodes, which means that the manga must be read in order to find out more about the Sohma family and the curse. This is much more detailed than the anime (with some extra chapters once the story has ended), but it is enjoyable to read, so you won’t be disappointed!
A high school girl befriends a family who transforms into animals when touched my non-family members of the opposite sex
Anything else?: You may learn some catchy songs