Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of Mystery


We've all been to high school, or currently at high school depending on your age, but you'll agree with me when you first get a glimpse of Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Senior High School and wonder why we never had such a school. It's secluded from the Tokyo mainland and has an amazing campus (think University meets retail park/mall), and 100% of students either go on to college or straight into a job. What more can you ask for from a school that has it all and gives you a guaranteed job/place in college at the end?

Well they are even more generous than that. Each student gets their own smartphone, and at the start of each month they're told they will be receiving 100,000 points which is basically 100,000 yen. With this they can buy anything and everything available on campus, be it clothes, food and consoles. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is our MC for Classroom of the Elite, and I guess you can say he's a bit...dull. His appearance pretty much says it all; he's unmotivated and never shows any emotion, and has Gintoki's dead fish eyes but with more colour. He's a first year at Ikusei Senior High, and is put in Class D. May not seem like a big deal, but it turns out he's been put in with all the problematic kids. Not really an issue when you get tons of benefits anyway right?


One month later, as everyone is waiting for their next lot of 100,000 points to come through so they can continue their shopping sprees, things start to unravel. The perks of being in the school are truly too good to be true; do you really expect students who talk during class, have high absent rates or poor grades to be given so much money every month just like that? Class D is the worst class in the entire year, but they can improve and get more points by becoming the next Class C. Yes you heard right; the school also encourages a Battle of the Classes where each class can either be promoted or demoted depending on their performance.

It's a pretty interesting show, and I like that we only know as much as everyone else does throughout.
The same goes for Ayanokoji, who we know almost nothing about. Why was he put into Class D, and is there more to him than we think?

Luckily, the show helps us along with all this. From learning more about the school and its unique syllabus to finding out that characters aren't who they seem to be, there's a lot going on in Classroom of the Elite. It may be slow paced for some because it's pretty much a build up Season from the looks of it, but all the twists and mystery make up for it.

A cleverly written show in my opinion.

Cannot wait for Season 2! (If there is one)