Pokemon Generations: The Investigation (Episode 17)

A Pokemon remembers

It's the penultimate episode of Pokemon Generations, and wow did the time fly by. It felt like just the other day I was watching the first two episodes that came out and seeing a montage of the different Regions before starting our adventure in the Kanto Region.

Again we're in the Kalos Region, and The Investigation failed to impress. I wasn't entirely focused on the episode the first time I watched it, but when I watched it again, it wasn't anything amazing. Unlike previous episodes, The Investigation has made a dip in the quality of Pokemon Generations episodes released. It is a shame really, considering how each episode has surpassed the previous, and now we get something like this.

As you know, I haven't played many Pokemon games, but I know this is from the X and Y games. People have mentioned in the comments how this episode relates to post-game content, and there have been mixed reviews about that too.

The Investigation centres around Looker, a detective who's trying to solve a crime while concerned about the random disappearances of his co-worker Emma. Something seems to have progressed with the latter, and connects with the former, all thanks to Espurr. It encounters the mysterious person in a helmet we see quite early on, and from Looker's flashback, its encounter is the same as that with Emma. Such a cute Pokemon, but that kick must have scarred it for life mentally. I feel for you Espurr. Anyway, this Espurr is either Emma's or Looker's Pokemon (I don't know), and stays with Looker after Emma disappears. Seems like, despite what it goes through in this episode, Espurr is not giving up. And that works in the end too, for Espurr attacks the helmet which ends Emma's mind-control or whatever it is.

And that's basically it for this episode. It only tugs on your heartstrings if you can't take a Pokemon being kicked so harshly (join the club) with a hint of mystery, but after that it's kind of meh. It felt like, once we knew who the person in the helmet was, that was it, but there could have been a bit more mystery, such as another run-in with said person and them feeling confused or something as to why Looker and Espurr are following them. I know there are only 3-5 minutes per episode, but previous episodes have done so much better, and can make for an exciting (Unova) Region in the process. No prizes for guessing which Region is my overall favourite in terms of delivery so far. For Kalos, The Beauty Eternal was a more exciting episode and made for a good start to the Region. But now that we're in the middle of the Kalos Region in terms of story, I'm not satisfied with the decision to use a post-game story that made for such a lacklustre episode. Come on Pokemon Generations, I know you can do better!

So not the best continuation of a Region, and seeing that this week will be the finale to Pokemon Generations, I feel like I'm overestimating the episode(s) after watching this one. But I guess being optimistic is the way to go; after all, this week can turn things around for the better and salvage what The Investigation sadly turned out to be. What do you guys think of The Investigation?