Teams Toma and Shin all the way!

I say that, but Kent is the most sweetest and genuine out of the four (bless him), followed by Shin. I say Team Toma cos he's my favourite, but I'd take either Shin or Kent to be my BF if they were real. With Toma's looks.

So Amnesia. I came across the game first on Vita since it was free on PS Plus last month, and because I've never played visual novel games before I thought I'd try it out. And wow was it gripping. I started off with Toma and the Diamond Route, followed by Ikki and the Spade Route. After it was Shin and the Heart Route, and finally sweet sweet Kent and the Clover Route. Respectively I got a bad ending, a bad ending, a normal ending, and a normal ending. Now I'm playing through Toma's Route again to see if I can get a better ending with him. Hopefully I do. It seems to be going well (for now).

I then went onto the Amnesia Wiki to see what else is in the game (there's another Route which I haven't unlocked yet), and turns out there's also an anime. So of course I'd check it out, and the first thing I'll say is that it needed a couple more episodes.

Amnesia follows the story of the MC who has no name because you get to name her in the game. Yes, so she's just referred to as Her, Hey, You and She throughout the anime (and the game but whatever name you gave her in that would just come up). She's suffering from amnesia (who would've thought eh?) because some fairy spirit collided with her, causing her memories to be wiped out. The spirit is called Orion, and he helps the MC regain her memories (to an extent in the anime but more in the game). That's where these guys (+1) come into the story: Shin (the quiet but loving and caring type who can be a bit mean at times), Ikki (the popular playboy type who will show his love whenever possible), Kent (the maths geek who has never dated before but will try his hardest to show he cares), and Toma (the "big brother" type of guy who just wants you to be his). At some point, they're all dating her, which makes more sense when you see them being in parallel worlds, similar to the story in Orange. They're all in each world with similar backgrounds, only that they're doing different things in each one. So let's say MC is going out with Shin. Shin is studying for exams, but isn't working. But in all the other worlds, he is working and his exams are mentioned, and his relationship with the MC is as a close friend/acting as a sibling.

The good thing about each guy is that, given their girlfriend has somewhat changed suddenly, they all have some sort of character development, but what I don't like about this is, once one of them has had their character development, the story moves on to the next guy quite quickly. It was a shame since it was nice to see their relationship with the MC develop, but the anime was like "nope we can't let you be happy with this for too long" and boom onto the next Route. I also didn't like that the MC's nature stays the same throughout the anime, regardless of what happened. If you've seen Diabolik Lovers and Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood, you'll know what I mean by this; everyone else seems to change, but the MC stays the same.

Other than that, I liked how the anime portrayed the game. You could see the key moments in each Route, followed by the result from making a certain choice. I didn't make a couple of the ones shown, so I'll be sure to choose them this time round. The slight changes to the story were welcoming, as they added more depth and links so that things made more sense. Although I can't accept what the last couple of episodes were implying.

If you haven't played the game, there are a couple of surprises awaiting you in the anime. I recommend both versions of Amnesia, but if you don't like non-developing MCs then you may not enjoy the anime as much as the game. Otherwise, to all the girls out there, who's your favourite(s)?!