Gintama: Kaientai Arc (Episodes 290-291)

Gintoki and co take a step back in this arc which features the hardly-shown duo of Sakamoto and his right hand woman Mutsu. This duo are clearly the opposite sides of the same coin since Sakamoto seems to not take things seriously and laughs at everything, not to mention calling Gintoki Kintoki all the time, whilst Mutsu is the serious one out of the two and seems to be babysitting Sakamoto more than anything else.

Sakamoto is selling bags which he claims can hold 50 million, but this falls flat and Mutsu ends up dumping him in the ocean. Gintoki makes an appearance as he talks with Mutsu about how he met Sakamoto and how he hasn't changed since then. But the rest of the arc is all about how Mutsu first met Sakamoto and how they ended up in the position they are in now, which also reveals a surprising past for Mutsu (for Gintoki that is).

So this arc reveals quite a lot about Sakamoto, such as him being the richer one out of him, Gintoki, Katsura and Takasugi, helping them with weapons and armour etc for the war. After that he decided to go into space trading, which was how he ended up meeting Mutsu.

Mutsu is a stone-hearted young girl in the beginning, and in the slave trading business with a guy who knows her father and told him to support Mutsu and take her under his wing. But gradually Mutsu changes her ways after meeting Sakamoto and learning about his method of trading: he wants to put smiles on people's faces regardless of what the items they're trading. You can see this as he likes to associate beginnings as pebbles and how they soon turn into gems and profit, and being put in practice as he trades with other slaves. And you read right: Sakamoto was somewhat of a slave for a short while, what with him being picked up by the ship in the middle of the ocean and put in the cells along with all the other slaves that were picked up before him.

And it doesn't stop there, as the arc shifts between the past and the present for Mutsu and Sakamoto, with the inclusion of Gintoki (thanks to Mutsu). I won't spoil it here, but let's say that Mutsu's past life and Sakamoto's short slave life collide with the present lives of Mutsu and Sakamoto. As a result, this is more of a serious but feel good arc than it is of comedy. Yes there is comedy, but it comes in small but funny bursts, regardless of how many times it happens. Again I won't spoil it here because it's repetitive and just one hint will spoil the surprise for you all.

It's nice to see Sakamoto's past and how he came into the space trading business, with Mutsu's past intertwining with his to an extent. Gintoki ends up in all this, but without him Mutsu wouldn't have revealed all since she was telling him the story.
Gintoki's comrade-in-arms Sakamoto has his time to shine in this short arc, but it's more Mutsu's story than his as she lets us know too
Anything else?:Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha ah-ha-ha-ha-ha (Sakamoto's cackle(?))