Tokyo Ghoul

I don't know why I put this anime off until now, but I can say that by doing so, the wait was worth it. Tokyo Ghoul starts off with a bang and does not hold back on showing blood when it can.

As the name suggests, this is based in a Tokyo haunted by human-eating ghouls. They cause fear in humans and can hide their identity, allowing them to mix in with humans. Follow Kaneki, a college student who just wants to date the girl he likes, called Rize. He's bullied by his best friend Hide about this, but he soon gets his chance to date Rize. Put two and two together however (think of the binge eating ghoul you see or will see at the beginning) and prepare for the shocking moment when Kaneki is on the brink of death after being attacked, to the point where he is need of organ transplants to save his life. But that's not all, as we later find out who those organs are from.

Poor Kaneki must now live as a human-ghoul hybrid thanks to the doctor's decision to use Rize's organs in order to save his life. His desperation to remain human for as long as he can causes him to suffer that much more as the ghoul inside of him yearns for human flesh. Luckily within the area of Tokyo he lives in are some ghouls who take him in and help him become accustomed to living amongst humans and other ghouls. But with harmony comes discord in the form of unfriendlier ghouls roaming around who catch wind of Kaneki's state and wish to devour him, along with an organisation that wants to eradicate all ghouls. And it doesn't stop there, as you get to know more about the other ghouls by detailed flashbacks etc, giving them more of a sense of purpose in terms of story, which also adds to the action when it's their time to shine.

If you like gore and supernatural stuff, Tokyo Ghoul is the one for you. With its original story and highly interesting characters (no matter how creepy some of them are), Tokyo Ghoul is a wonderful mix of a moving story and great action, and does not fail to amaze with the many goings on that take place in ghoul-infested Tokyo, along with its amazing soundtrack that really adds to the atmosphere, no matter how much blood is on show.

A college boy must deal with living as a human-ghoul hybrid after being attacked by a ghoul which, along with others, has come to haunt Tokyo
Anything else?: you know it'll be good when the same people who sang the Psycho Pass credits are singing the opening in this anime