An anime shorts like Poyopoyo, Danchigai is based on four-panel manga by Kazusa Yoneda and follows siblings Mutsuki, Haruki, Yayoi, Uzuki and Satsuki as they live together in an apartment complex. Poor Haruki is the only boy out of the siblings, and does not have a moment's peace whilst his sisters are around.

Mutsuki is the eldest and acts as the disciplined one around the other sisters, only to show her true self around Haruki (no idea why). Then we have Yayoi, the tomboy of the sisters who attacks Haruki over every little thing; and she's not good at tests either. Finally we have Uzuki and Satsuki - the mischievous twins. Uzuki likes to play pranks on Haruki whilst Satsuki is the quieter one of the two and is the only sister to have anything in common with Haruki. You can see why Haruki has his hands full at home.

So, on with the review. The story is a comedy with slice of life, but whilst watching through it all, the comedy wasn't exactly funny - it just made me smile and a couple of times I laughed, that's all. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you may find this funnier than I did. Not that I'd won't recommend it because it wasn't really funny to me. It's a good story and can relate to those who have siblings, like me. There are times when you wonder how you can cope with them, times when you help them, and times when you know that you care for them.

I checked this anime out thinking that it'd be the same length as a standard anime, which let me down when I saw that every episode was under 4 minutes long. The changes in scenes reminded me of Lucky Star, but if Danchigai had longer episodes, I may have enjoyed it more. Still, it's one you should try to check out if you're looking for a quick anime to watch.


A boy lives with his sisters in the same apartment complex
Anything else?: That final scene