Black Bullet

Black Bullet follows the story of Satomi Rentaro, a Civil Officer fighting against Gastrea. In the year 2021, Gastrea, a parasitical virus, defeated mankind, who is now forced to live within the safety of a wall made of Varanium, the only metal which affects Gastrea. Soon, the "Cursed Children" are born with the same virus, but are able to control it. This gives them superhuman abilities, which means they are used as weapons to fight against the Gastrea.

The anime starts off strong by showing the destruction caused by the Gastrea in 2021 and the ongoing battle. This is being seen by a young Rentaro (as well as other people), and withing a minute of the anime starting, you see a Gastrea form being shot down by a warplane. It then moves on 10 years, and you see an older Rentaro who is now a Civil Officer.
He encounters a mysterious person, who you won't be seeing rarely as the anime progresses - clearly the anime is not wasting time in getting the viewers to know its plot, and is not holding back on the story and action from the get go.

There are a lot of lolis, but you mustn't underestimate their strength - they are the Cursed Children after all. Again this is something you see right from the start, so the only things you'll be expecting from the anime now are story progression, new characters, more action, more lolis and character development.

The anime is only 13 episodes long though, so it is recommended to read the manga to find out what happens after the anime ends.


A boy fights large monsters after seeing the level of destruction they are capable of causing, with a loli (or Cursed Child) fighting beside him
Anything else?: Be prepared for some shocking moments